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Goblin Yaoi

This gallery is mostly Norman Osborn yaoi, mostly from the Raimiverse. But you may see some Green Goblin yaoi from the cartoons. You may see some other Dafoe characters within the Normans amongus.

Pairings will include Everyone x Norman, especially Green Goblin x Norman and Peter Parker x Norman. Sometimes Norman will just look sexy by himself.

🔞 You must be 18 years old or older to view this gallery. You should also be mature and responsible for your own viewing material. The contents of this gallery will include violence, fear, and vanilla handholding.

>Last updated: January 8th, 2024.

Peter x Norman

Spidey hits Grandpa's G-spot. Norman bottoms. Spidey tops. Sometimes femdom Gobby and subby Spidey. Mostly Norman begging for Betah's love.

Goblin x Norman

They're technically verse but Gobby's usually dominant. Their intercourse may be violent and confusing. Sometimes Normans and Goblins from other universes come in!

Just Norman

Just Norman. Maybe floating dicks or faceless mobs.


This section is for art of Norman with other people, or art that does not involve Norman.


Nasty stuff. Gore, death, fear, and Harry being a pervert freak.

Click at your own peril